Mauricio Oberfeld


Dugally Oberfeld, Inc.

Mauricio Oberfeld, is a founding partner of the Real Estate firms of Dugally Oberfeld, Inc, The Oberfeld Group, LLC and Infinity Partners, LLC with 20 years of real estate know-how and over $950 million of acquisition disposition and development experience. With an entrepreneurial outlook, Mr. Oberfeld has built his successful career by founding and investing in various development endeavors. In 1993, Mr. Oberfeld founded Oberfeld Development Corporation, focusing on the development of luxury residential real estate in the discerning Beverly Hills, CA community. Later, in a natural evolution of his previous experience, he became a founding member and managing partner of The Oberfeld Group, LLC - A Real Estate Development firm specializing in ground up development opportunities across the States of California, Arizona and Idaho. In parallel, Mr. Oberfeld co-founded the renowned firm of Dugally Oberfeld, Inc.; a luxury residential construction and development affiliate focusing in a specialty-market niche of larger, ultra luxury residences in selected neighborhoods in California, including Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Malibu, Newport Coast and Palo Alto.

Mr. Oberfeld’s extensive investment and development experience extends into Liberty Groves and Silverdust Orchards, with over 1200 acres of farming land which is being further developed into major Master Planned Communities. Most recently, Mr. Oberfeld co-founded Infinity Partners, LLC is a private real estate investment and development firm established to acquire and reposition commercial real estate assets. Its primary focus is the acquisition of opportunistic commercial properties in the top 25 MSA’s in the United States. Its current portfolio of 16 properties with an acquisition value of over $450MM continues to grow at a very fast pace. His proven experience extends from being a direct owner, investor and general partner on behalf of third party investors, provides an unparalleled background base for the various Real Estate ventures which Mr. Oberfeld leads.

Mr. Oberfeld graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in Architecture.

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