Yoon Sul


Teaching Artist - Photography


From 2011-2014 Yoon volunteered at HOLA as the Photography Teaching Artist. Yoon has been working as a professional photographer since 2004 and has worked with lots of big-name clients, bringing impressive professional experience, connections, and insight to our youth. As a side note, Yoon has a big youth following and is often times recognized when shooting with the HOLA youth at the local LaFayette skate park. 

I know I can be a great mentor and influence the students at HOLA to find a love for photography, that can give them a motivation to pursue a career in a field that has given me so much. As someone who has had mentors giving me motivation, pushing me into a great career as an artist, it is my duty to pass it on. It also gives me great pride to represent HOLA for all the positivity they bring to the youth of Los Angeles by pushing them into a direction of creativity in the arts.