Katherine Kouot


College Success Director

Katherine Kouot joined Heart of Los Angeles in June of 2016 as the College Success Director. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Katherine developed a love for education, mentorship, and social justice. After attending Foshay Learning Center in South Central, Los Angeles, Katherine pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and French at the University of Southern California. In her first semester at USC, Katherine enrolled in an extracurricular Asian American identity course that brought her into a world of self-awareness, social consciousness, and social justice. Through her experiences organizing in student activist spaces and serving as a tutor and mentor for several college access programs, Katherine rediscovered her identity as a first-generation, student of color. She truly believes that college is a transformative experience that offers students the opportunity to discover their passions, strengths, assets, and, most importantly, their individual journey towards life success. Katherine now utilizes her background in education and college access to support students in making the successful transition from high school to college and then from college to career and life success.

Steve Pineda