Brittany Mejia


SmartStart program Director

Brittany is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, and holds a B.A. in Psychology. She’s worked within the education field for the past 11 years, working with students of all backgrounds in the Los Angeles area within the private and public sector. She transitioned into an intervention instructor at a local elementary/middle school, where she provided additional support and developed curriculum for English Language Learners that met the academic criterion for reclassification. Brittany has been a part of the HOLA family since 2007, when she began working for the SmartStart team as a teacher. In fall 2014, she stepped into the role of Director and holds this as one of her most honorable moments. She is a strong believer in giving children the resources they need to reach their highest potential. She strives to provide students with a compassionate learning environment, where their voices are heard, challenges are met, mistakes are made, and encouragement is given when asking students to be the best versions of themselves.  Brittany currently serves on the Los Angeles Promise Zone Education Work Group. 

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