Elexis Padrón


Visual Arts Coordinator and Teaching Artist

Elexis was born and raised in a small Central Valley town just outside of Fresno, but frequently visited Los Angeles to visit family while growing up. With a love for the visual and performing arts, and coming from a family of educators and social justice advocates, Elexis pursued Bachelor’s degrees in both Art and Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz.  Elexis first found her way to HOLA in 2016 through the Community Studies major, which requires a six-month full-time field study where students engage in experiential learning by doing ethnographic research at an organization.  Elexis spent her six months volunteering in the Art Department at HOLA, while examining how art was being used as an agent for social change. After Elexis graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2017, she returned to LA to work at HOLA.  As an artist, Elexis’ favorite mediums to work with are relief and intaglio printmaking. Her work is inspired by her Mexican heritage, scientific illustrations, and the beauty of the natural world.