Marvin Ramirez


PAT Academic Advisor

After living eighteen years in South Central Los Angeles and spending four years in the redwoods at Humboldt State University, Marvin received his B.A. degree in Mathematics Education with a concentration and minor in Psychology. As a high school student, Marvin was part of the USC Upward Bound Program and later returned as a Summer Residential Advisor and Tutor. Marvin’s passion lies in working with first generation underrepresented minority high school and college students, whether it is teaching and/or academic advising. As the Academic Advisor for the high school program, Marvin wants to bring his passion to help students develop and realize their academic, personal, and professional potential. On his spare time, Marvin can be found playing the acoustic guitar, powerlifting/bodybuilding, hiking, swimming, and exploring places on his bicycle.

Steve PinedaPAT, High School