HOLA’s Leadership Program is based on the twin beliefs that all youth are potential leaders and that leadership can be practiced by all of us in our everyday lives.

The Leadership Program is coordinated across all grade levels and includes exploration of leadership knowledge, skills and practice in age appropriate activities. Students are challenged to develop their potential as leaders through three program components:

  • Classroom activities help students explore the basics of leadership knowledge including: developing vision from values, resolving conflict, improving communication skills and creative problem solving.

  • Service learning asks young people to take initiative in researching, planning and executing projects that address real needs in their community.

  • Peer mentoring links older students with younger students in meaningful ways which foster responsibility, belonging and support.



Play for Peace
Play for Peace is the centerpiece of our Leadership programming. Through a partnership with Play for Peace International, we provide training for high school age Youth Facilitators, who in turn lead Cooperative Play sessions with our younger students. Each of our over 300 elementary and middle school age participants benefits from these activities, led by their older peers. Sessions include team building activities, discussions about leadership, resolving conflict, celebrating diversity and creating a more harmonious community. Often Service Learning opportunities grow out of discussions initiated by the group– taking the spirit of cooperation, inclusion and caring and applying it to real world concerns the students have about their community and their world.

Service Learning
Service Learning is a methodology for people to explore, reflect and act on their concerns about their community and their world.  HOLA empowers young people to think critically about the world they live in, assessing the strengths and resources within their community, and also share with each other the aspects of their community they’d like to see change. HOLA staff offer support and guidance as youth research, brainstorm and develop action plans to address concerns the students have identified. As plans turn to action the students get coaching and support in leveraging resources and working together as a group to achieve their goals. All programs offer students opportunities to think critically and take meaningful action to address issues they care about through Service Learning. We believe that this type of reflection, connection and cooperation towards a goal of common good is the essence of leadership. And we believe it is never too early to begin taking responsibility for affecting positive change within your own community.

Life Sail
LifeSail provides character building leadership education through boat building, sailing and seamanship instruction. The program uses sailing as a metaphor for life, and offers youth a chance to experience being in control of their own destiny, developing awareness and harnessing the power of their environment to propel them towards their goals. 



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