HOLA's mission to support each student in their journey to and through college is anchored by its core academic programs, which help to ensure each student enrolled receives exceptional instruction and opportunities. Key among them is HOLA’s Bridges Middle and High School Education Program, which emphasizes strong academic foundations and supports students’ socio-emotional needs, empowering youth to pursue educational pathways during the critical teen years.

HOLA Bridges is a program designed to support a successful transition through middle school to high school with special focus on academics and interest exploration through a variety of experiences, reflection, and leadership opportunities. Students are given personalized support as they build the skills necessary to be ready for college and career success. In addition to providing dedicated tutors who provide math, science and language arts help, students participate in a variety of activities, including music instruction, sports leagues, college tours, digital media, photography, conflict resolution and science clubs. Collaborations with HOLA’s Visual Arts, Scientific Arts, Leadership and Athletics programs expose students to new fields.

Led by qualified Bridges teaching staff and dedicated volunteers, the Bridges team provides daily homework help, tutorials in core subjects and academic intervention, as well as attends parent/teacher conferences and IEP meetings to ensure students receive the supplemental support they need at HOLA while maximizing their resources at school. Academic classes are aligned with Common Core Standards when possible and HOLA incorporates the materials and subject matter students are utilizing in school. Bridges’ enrichment classes are informed by the interests and needs of HOLA’s students and support social, emotional and non-cognitive growth.

During HOLA’s summer session, Bridges transitions to a half-day format that includes intensive week-long units focusing on topics such as language arts, mathematics and outdoor engagement, punctuated by weekly field trips across Los Angeles.

Enrollment Dates

Summer | We accept online applications during the month of May each year.
Academic Year (August - June) | We accept applications during the month of July.

Programming Hours

Monday - Thursday: 4:15pm - 6:30pm (Mandatory)
Friday: 3:00pm - 5:30pm (Optional)

Programming Activities

Language arts & math classes, art, sports, field trips, college visits, homework support, tutoring, enrichment clubs and more. 

Program Goals:

  • Improved academic performance

  • Gain confidence and skill in verbal and written self expression

  • Explore interests, and focus their academic and career goals

  • Develop their job readiness skills through leadership, service and skill building opportunities

  • Establish responsible media and electronic communications practices



+ How do I apply?

Please check enrollment dates. Applications can be filled out online or in person at HOLA. There are two enrollment periods. There is one for summer programming and another for the full academic school year. Applications do not coincide and are independent of one another.

+ Do I need to live near HOLA?

No, but please take into consideration distance and time from school or home to HOLA, as it’s important to be on time.

+ When I apply is there any documents you need?

We ask that you turn in your child’s most recent report card and most recent CELDT and/or CAASPP Student Reports.

+ Do you provide a snack or late lunch?

HOLA has a healthy snack shack where students are allowed to purchase snacks. Students are allowed to bring their own snacks as well. We have a strict NO junk food policy. On Tuesdays, we offer a free sandwich table.

If you cannot find an answer to a questions, please contact us.



BRIDGES program Lead


Bridges Program Director

P: 213-389-1148 x 248