HOLA Listens for Good


By Cristina Briskie-Wood, HOLA Grants Manager & Development Officer

Listening to the voices of the community has long been a priority for Heart of Los Angeles and now, with support from the Fund for Shared Insight, we are poised to learn even more.

HOLA is excited to announce that we have been selected as grantee of the Listen for Good program, a nationwide initiative dedicated to building the practice of listening to the people we seek to serve. Created in 2016, Listen for Good has grown to include 157 nonprofit organizations and 69 co-funders, all working together to build the practice of feedback loops in the social sector and philanthropy, especially aiming to amplify the voices of those least heard. HOLA plans to pilot Listen for Good in its Visual Arts Department, where it can build on robust evaluation practices already in place, before expanding to all of its programs. By asking targeted open-ended questions, we hope to learn more about what youth and families think HOLA does well, could improve on, and how HOLA has made a difference in this community.

This innovative method of creating feedback loops does more than just collect data, though - through Listen for Good, we will close the loop and share back what we have learned and how we plan to grow, helping to make sure that HOLA continues to represent its families and meet the greatest needs of its community.

Many thanks to the Fund for Shared Insight (https://www.fundforsharedinsight.org/) and the James Irvine Foundation (https://www.irvine.org/) for this incredible opportunity!

The full list of Listen for Good’s 2018 grantees can be found here: https://www.fundforsharedinsight.org/shared-insight-announces-47-new-listen-for-good-grantees


January 17, 2018