Jessica Biel Volunteers at HOLA!


Jessica Biel and her family volunteered at HOLA and have highlighted us on her nonprofit website, Make the Difference Network, to raise awareness about the work we're doing! HOLA honored her efforts with the first annual 2008 National Impact Award and is so grateful for all that the Biel family is doing to help us continue to serve LA's youth.At the event, the gymnasium was decorated with posters created and signed by the PLAY SOCCER participants. The posters expressed their commitment to peace through sport. The students opened the festivities with a recitation of the Peace Games pledge and some brief thoughts on how sport can spread peace. Loren Ruben, HOLA's Director of Leadership and Summer Programs, then read special messages from the United Nations Special Adviser on Sport for Development & Peace and the President of FIFA. Judy McPherson, PLAY SOCCER's Executive Director and Board Chair, welcomed the young athletes and then it was time for the fun to begin. Special guest Cobi Jones (LA Galaxy legend and member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame) led skill drills and spoke about his personal commitment to spreading peace through sport, encouraging everyone to join him in his efforts. The kids were thrilled to have Cobi visit and walked away feeling united, motivated and inspired.



December 9, 2011