Accepted Into the Turner-UCLA Allied Health Internship!


By Carla Juarez, Development Assistant


This summer, eleven* of HOLA’s high school students were accepted into the selective Turner-UCLA Allied Health Internship, and our students were so excited to experience college life at UCLA! They had the opportunity to join a larger cohort of 46 students from 19 different high schools to shadow various health professionals at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center all while staying at the college dorms.  

Throughout the internship, they gained hands-on experience by joining UCLA health clinicians in various departments and learn about the many career paths available in healthcare. The Turner-UCLA Allied Health Internship aims to open up a plethora of career choices to students from underrepresented neighborhoods who attend overcrowded schools and might not otherwise know of these important job roles. “California is projecting a very severe workforce shortage in many of the critical professions that we need to deliver healthcare,” stated by Dr. Carol Mangione, Director of Community Engagement Program for the internship. Therefore, together HOLA and UCLA Allied Health are addressing this need by providing underserved students with more pathways into higher education, so that they are better prepared to join the workforce and transition into a stable career path in healthcare.

Developing into the third year of this partnership, HOLA is proud to be able to foster and advance our motivated students’ high interest in community health as a meaningful pathway after they graduate from high school. In the previous years, HOLA students who have participated in the internship have gained invaluable insight into the medical field, allowing them to explore their passion for helping others more in depth, with the guidance of mentors, who they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. 

For this cohort of HOLA students, who just finished their junior year, the internship will empower them to pursue their passion in medicine by learning how to do so. In obtaining this exposure to a world previously unknown, they can walk into their future with confidence and support.

* Full list of HOLA students: Avina Afroz, Aimee Benitez, Sarahy Brito, Ashley Garcia, Sugey Garcia, Karla Herrera, Christina Ogata, German Fuentes, Kevin Gonzalez, Arturo Sanchez, Bryan Soriano

August 26, 2019