Lakers Basketball Clinics and Leagues
Heart of Los Angeles, with the incredible support of the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, offers free youth basketball clinics (Ages 7-17) on the first Saturday of every month, usually from 1pm -3pm. In the summer, the times vary, with some clinics being held in the evenings. Participants receive basketball instruction along with information on living and eating healthy. The Lakers Youth Foundation also supports HOLA’s Junior Jump Shot Basketball League for elementary and middle school aged boys and girls. The leagues are held in the spring and fall of each year and serve over 350 youth annually.

Central City Athletic Association
HOLA is also the co-founder of the Central City Athletic Association (CCAA), which provides basketball leagues for girls and boys located throughout Los Angeles. The Central City Basketball Association hosts leagues for high school boys each winter, serving approximately 150 young men. In the spring, the Central City Girls’ Basketball Association provides approximately 150 high school girls with the opportunity to play in competitive leagues.



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