HOLA’s Athletics promotes personal development, health and fitness, commitment to athletic excellence and exemplary sportsmanship. Activities not only promote physical exercise, but serve as an outlet from the stresses of daily life and an opportunity to learn teamwork skills that will last a lifetime. In addition to providing free basketball and soccer leagues and clinics, instruction in a variety of sports including flag football, swimming, tennis, soccer, volleyball and basketball, HOLA offers a wide array of Wellness Programs.  

Through a unique partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, HOLA’s kids enjoy much needed green space – a state-of-the-art field turf soccer field, outdoor basketball courts and a full-sized gym.  These facilities are safe spaces that are open year-round and offer the youth of the community an alternative to life on the streets.

Program Goals:

  • To assist in the physical, social, academic and emotional development of our youth

  • To teach students the discipline they need to succeed by working to acquire athletic skills and practicing good sportsmanship




Lakers Basketball Clinics and Leagues
Heart of Los Angeles, with the incredible support of the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, offers free youth basketball clinics (Ages 7-17) on the first Saturday of every month, usually from 1pm -3pm. In the summer, the times vary, with some clinics being held in the evenings. Participants receive basketball instruction along with information on living and eating healthy. The Lakers Youth Foundation also supports HOLA’s Junior Jump Shot Basketball League for elementary and middle school aged boys and girls. The leagues are held in the spring and fall of each year and serve over 350 youth annually.

Central City Athletic Association
HOLA is also the co-founder of the Central City Athletic Association (CCAA), which provides basketball leagues for girls and boys located throughout Los Angeles. The Central City Basketball Association hosts leagues for high school boys each winter, serving approximately 150 young men. In the spring, the Central City Girls’ Basketball Association provides approximately 150 high school girls with the opportunity to play in competitive leagues.




Through the CCAA, HOLA provides soccer leagues for youth ages 6-19. In the fall, over 400 elementary and middle school aged boys and girls and high school boys participate in the Central City Soccer Association’s Leagues. In the spring, high school aged girls have the opportunity to join leagues along with over 200 elementary and middle school aged boys and girls. Each summer, HOLA hosts a tournament for high school soccer players. This weekend long event offers over 100 young men the opportunity to compete with teams from all over the City.




Among the many offerings included in the HOLA’s Athletics and Outdoor Activities Program, students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in flag football clinics
Formal leagues for middle school students are held in the fall and flag football is offered as an enrichment activity for students who participate in SmartStart, Bridges and PAT programs.




Because healthy eating and physical activity undeniably contribute to higher academic performance and positive behavior in and out of school, Healthy Living is central to HOLA’s mission.

Through this program, we increase youth participation in positive activities and decrease their involvement in destructive behavior while building fitness levels and nutritional awareness. These efforts cultivate the discipline kids need to acquire life-long fitness and nutritional habits, practice good sportsmanship, and maintain a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.

Our Healthy Living program also focuses particularly on nurturing the confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and grit of underserved girls, many of whom lack positive outlets and safe spaces in which to build critical noncognitive abilities. Wholly inclusive and collaborative, HOLA intentionally promotes athletics and nutrition program elements among girls, and as we’ve strengthened the female presence in these activities, we have observed a ripple effect. As more younger girls see more teenage role models, they become more comfortable participating in activities in which girls are historically underrepresented.






Athletics Program Director